• As an owner, am I allowed to go by my house and go inside the home?

You always have access to your home as long as we give the tenant a 48 hour notice prior to your arrival.

  • Can you help me sell if/when I no longer want to keep the home?

As a full service real estate business, Built by Referral Realty Group™ is able to serve all of our client’s needs, not just property management. We actively market homes for our investors/clients. In some cases, we are marketing for a lease and for sale at the same time. We happily accept either a new tenant or a sale, whichever comes first.   All options are available to our clients.

  • How long will it take to rent my house?

Vacancy rates can vary significantly based on your homes amenities, condition, and pricing. Our expert rental analysis will provide you with the most accurate appraisal on rental rates and comparative analysis. We then put our specialized leasing crew to work to lease your home to a qualified tenant as soon as possible.

  • Are tenants screened?

Yes. We thoroughly screened at no cost to the owner. We have online computer services to check credit history, bankruptcy likelihood, judgments, evictions and criminal record. Employment verification, income, savings and past tenancies are checked. Satisfactory ratios between earnings and expenses have to be met to be considered for tenancy.

  • Should I allow pets and smoking?

Built by Referral Realty Group™ has stated in their lease that NO smoking will be allowed in the homes, unless otherwise approved by the owner. If an owner is debating about allowing pets, it should be understood that in today’s market allowing a pet will definitely open the door to tenant prospects. Pets usually have an extra $300. Non-refundable Security Deposit. If a tenant has an assistive animal due to the tenant being legally handicapped then the owner MUST allow the assistive animal with no deposits required. By Federal Law the animal, is considered another human.

  • Are you required to register your house as a rental with the County?

Yes, every home that is used as rental property MUST be registered with the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office. Built by Referral Realty Group™ provides you all the necessary forms to be in compliance.

  • How is my property shown? Lockboxes, Realtors, Specific Leasing Division.

In order to maximize our leasing effectiveness, Built by Referral Realty Group™ has a specific leasing division. Real Estate agents receive all of our rental requests and show tenants the homes that best fit their needs. Other agents may view our homes with their clients by using secure lockboxes placed on vacant homes.

  • What work is necessary on a typical move-out? Re-key? Cleaning?

Typically, when a tenant moves out, a short list of items must occur before the next tenant. We always re-key the property in order to reduce the owner’s liability. We change all the smoke alarm batteries, put in new air filters and check the hot water temperature settings. We will typically need to touch-up paint, clean, check carpet, toilet stoppage, light bulbs, check all appliances, run sprinkler systems and assure the landscaping is presentable for a new tenant.

  • How do we evict a tenant, legal time frame, and who pays for the process?

Unfortunately we often hear of the horror stories about tenants even through these events are rare. Built by Referral Realty Group™ is very knowledgeable in the laws regarding the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act, and we follow strict guidelines in evicting a tenant. Most evictions are for non-payment of rent, and can be completed within 30 days. Although the tenant will be held responsible for the legal costs, the owner will be initially billed for filing fees and attorney’s costs. These bills, along with back rent and damages to the property, will be reimbursed from the tenant’s deposit.

  • What happens when my tenant vacates at the end of the lease term? How much time to do repairs?

Built by Referral Realty Group™ will inspect the home with the current tenant. We match items that were reported on the Tenant move-in form. We determine what the tenant is responsible for vs. normal wear & tear. A call is placed to the owner of the home to review the findings of the inspection report. Once the owner reviews the findings, decisions will be made as to what work will be accomplished to refurbish the home to rent ready condition. Typically the home will be rent ready within 5-10 days after the property is vacated.

  • Occupant limits? How many people do you allow to move into a house?

We typically follow the local fire department code, which permits 2 people per bedroom. Tempe, Arizona has a law that does not allow any more than 3 unrelated people to occupy a home. This is due to the heavy student population in the area. Students are not a protected class.